Collaborative design
Figma is my creative lab where design concepts come to life. Collaborating in real-time, I use Figma to create interactive prototypes and define UI details, contributing to turning ideas into tangible visual experiences.
Project management
Notion serves as my organizational headquarters, allowing me to manage projects, track ideas, and collaborate with my team. Its flexibility adapts project management tools to my workflow, keeping everything neat and accessible.
Reference and inspiration
Pinterest is my treasure trove of inspiration. It's where I curate and explore a diverse array of visuals, gathering references for design projects. The platform fuels my creativity, offering a rich tapestry of ideas that shape and elevate my work.
Tatami pattern
Website pattern structure
The Tatami Pattern is my structural muse for web design, inspired by Japanese flooring aesthetics. Guiding the layout and organization of my websites, it helps create visually pleasing and culturally resonant digital spaces.